Department Director: Angela Wang

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Department Director: Thomas Shang

Chinese Language Learning Program 

Our Chinese Language Learning Program carries the mission of helping people from Great Lake Bay region to learn Mandarin Chinese language/culture to meet their needs and interests. We have a committed group of experienced and professional educators desiring to share their knowledge and teaching passion with you. Our ultimate aim is to assist you to achieve your learning goals. We are looking forward to build  long-term corporation relationships with individuals and organizations such as schools, companies and churches. 

Xiaocao "summer" Zhou, Chinese and English bilingual, graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a Master of Education concentration in Elementary Classroom Teaching. Ms. Zhou is passionate to teach students, and strongly believing in all the students can be taught. During the years of 2009 to current, she consistently working with students from different levels and different background and received excellent reputations. She is good at engaging in many pedagogically strategies during the teaching processes such as technology, drawing and singsing.

Chinese Students Recruiting Program 

Saginaw Chinese and Research Institute helps the schools locating in Great Lakes Bay region to recruit Chinese students. With personal experiences and the knowledge of advantage of each school, our team will provide not only academic school enrollment advice but also daily life and academic assistance, which effectively releases both students and their parents anxiety. SCRI also dedicates to be a bridge between Chinese students and American community. 
Based on the network located n multiple large cities in China, SCRI will offer service of introducing schools in the Great Bay area, helping students' enrollment and the related visa issues. In addition, SCRI actively build connection between American schools and Chinese schools to improve the culture exchange.  

​Thomas Tiezheng Shang, had been working as a sales manager in the fortune 500 company back to China. For the reason to elevate Chinese companies administrate management and understand the world well, he came to Saginaw Valley State University and be in pusuit of MBA degree in 2011. During the years when he studies here, he worked as a volunteer in variety of organizations from shelters to football club. He realized that Chinese students need a committed group to help them have a better life experiences in the United States. Meanwhile, Americans need an organization to introduce them what is happening in China today. With this passion, he focuses on administrative management and Chinese new student recruitment. 

Department Director: Summer Zhou

International Students Daily Life Services 

Early in the United States, many international students need time to get into the foreign living environment. SCRI is ready for providing helps to all the international students in Saginaw Valley State University and in the Great Lake bay area. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you need help! 

Research Program 

As an increasing number of people make decision to study abroad, academic education to nonnative speakers are facing a big challenge. The shortage of English proficiency directly impacts on the students' comprehension in academic lectures. Through integrating language and academic knowledge teaching, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model provides the specific methods and procedures to ensure the effective use of teaching approach in the classroom. There are eight components and thirty features, including lesson preparation, building background, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction and so forth. The research will specifically emphasize on whether international students with teachers who received professional development in SIOP model show higher achievement in English proficiency than other international students with teachers who have no SIOP professional development. 

Angela Wang is the director of research at Saginaw Chinese and Research Institute. Ms. Wang received her M.A. in Education and obtained TESOL certification at Saginaw Valley State University. She specializes in teaching approaches. Her research interests include SIOP Model, WIDA standards, TWIOP Model which contribute to the academic and language development of international students.